DELIVERY:  We are pleased to offer delivery to our customers.  Please contact us for quotes, which are based on distance and amount of product.             

CONSULTATION:  During a consultation we spend time listening to your ideas and needs, and helping you decide which plants would do well at your site.  We can give helpful advice on pruning, and identify plants for you (with or without leaves).  We can also give helpful information on pruning, plant identification, and insect and disease treatment and prevention.  Consultation is charged by the hour.    

LANDSCAPE DESIGN:  This is usually combined with on-site consultation, but we have done designs with photographs and measurements.  It is preferable for us to visit the site to get a sense of the overall character of the site, lay of the land, shade patterns, etc.  We will provide a design drawn to scale with a plant list, and also instructions if needed.  Design or consultation/design is charged by the hour.     

SPECIAL ORDERS:   We frequently obtain plants for customers in sizes or varieties that we do not normally keep in stock.  For example, we can order large sizes of trees, and either deliver them ourselves or have them delivered direct from the grower to your site.  We can also arrange for them to be planted if needed.  All special order plants are top quality (usually hand-selected at a wholesale nursery by us).  A deposit is required, and an order cannot be cancelled once the plant has been shipped.   


PLANTING:  We partner with several experienced local landscapers who can perform this service.  Just ask and we will give referrals, or arrange planting for you.