From left: Paul picking blueberries; Paul taking care of a piglet;  in junior high

It all began with his grandfather, Charles Larson. He owned a dairy and tobacco farm in Portland, Connecticut. Paul's father, Bob, owned a dairy farm in Woodstock. His family had an obvious passion for farming so it's no wonder he became interested in growing plants at an early age. (The haircuts remain a mystery!) Paul grew up helping in the large family vegetable garden. He also raised capons, grew his own vegetables and even showed a heifer at the Little International Show while studying at UConn. He's worked at several greenhouses and a wholesale nursery in Connecticut. 

Joyce has always enjoyed the outdoors. Her parents, who emigrated from Austro-Hungary, had a small farm across the street from her childhood home in Shelton. They had a family cow, chickens and an occasional pig, raised their own hay and sugar beets and had a large vegetable garden, which she loved to take care of. In high school, Joyce started working at a local pick-your-own farm and a retail nursery, and later attended UConn.

Paul and Joyce (couple on the left, attending a prom together in college) met at UConn - they were both Horticulture majors! They both graduated in 1983 and married in 1984. 

They have lived at this business location with their family since 1995. Their first greenhouse was put up that year, with several expansions since then. Today, SprucedaleGardens has 9 unheated overwintering hoop houses, and 6 heated
growing greenhouses. Smaller ventures, like selling pick-your-own pumpkins, have 
given way to selling nursery plants. 

You can check out an interview with Paul and Joyce in the About Us area of the new website. They are
 hoping your farming, planting and landscaping stories will soon be on the website as well. 

Sprucedale Gardens' mission is to Bring Your Ideas to Life, and with the website and blog, they hope to connect everyone in a community that celebrates your dreams, goals and gardens.