Beautiful and tough, these plants are famous for gracing the balconies of Europe. Long cascades of bright, blooms trail out of window boxes and patio pots, providing spectacular season-long color. 

They have not been easy to find in America, however. Paul's uncle and aunt, Bill and Elizabeth "Bebe" Larson, started an online business for selling these gorgeous geraniums, and eventually retired. We acquired their business in 2012 and named it Larson's Geraniums. It has been wonderful being able to grow and sell these hard-to-find, but great plants! You can even see our plants this summer at the Vonn Trapp Family Lodge in Stow, Vermont

Our plants will thrive anywhere, from California to Connecticut. They tolerate more heat than the average geranium, so they will grow well in warm areas. They love sun, and if provided with adequate water and fertilizer, will grow into trailing plants whose bright flowers will turn heads!


Bill N. From MA

Joyce: Was this your first time growing Alpine Geraniums?

Bill: Yes! I have been trying to find them for years! (laughs) I was so lucky to find them. My daughter helped me. 

Joyce: What made you want to try them?

Bill: Traveling in Switzerland; They looked so beautiful!

Joyce: Have you had any comments on your hanging baskets and window boxes? 

Bill: We are actually moving and just sold the house. I'm sure it contributed! (laughs) We always heard things like, "You're the guy with the Geraniums!" 

Joyce: Do you have any growing hints for anyone who is growing Geraniums as well? 

Bill: I just put regular potting soil and a liquid fertilizer. I have a drip watering system that went off at certain times during the day and night, for 15 minutes a day. It was set on about half a gallon a day. Is that too much water? 

Joyce: Geraniums can tolerate drought but that's not when they grow their best. By giving them plenty of water you allowed them to reach their full potential! 

Bill: They were also South-facing and had sunlight all day. Full sun with no trees obstructing. 

Joyce: They need a lot of sun!

Bill: A lot of watering, sun and weekly fertilizer. 

Joyce: Fertilizer makes a BIG difference. What do you like most about Alpine Geraniums?

Bill: I didn't expect this but they attract hummingbirds! And obviously how they look! 

For more information on these lovely geraniums, and to order online,

visit our website: Larson's Geraniums