Inside our red barn we have a large selection of products to help you create and maintain your garden or landscape! 

Below is a list that contains most of the items we have available, but if you don't see the tool or decoration you were looking for, please contact us! We may be able to order it for you!

Tools and Gardening Supplies

Garden trowelsFoam kneeling padsWomen’s fabric glovesMen’s and women’s string knit rubber dipped gloves 

Hose end sprayers for applying pest and disease control products, 1 gallon Solo sprayersBypass hand pruners -  for light duty pruning and deadheading

Anvil hand pruners -  for cutting heavier branches 

Trellises and Plant Supports

4’ Bamboo Plant Stakes5’ Hardwood Stakes -great for tomatoes , Peony Hoop Supports - single and double

Cedar Trellises - made in Maine, 6 different designs, Twist-Ems  wire plant ties, on handy roll, Velcro Plant Ties in roll, use over and over

Trellises made of  pressure-treated wood, 3 styles, Tomato Cages4' garden obelisks for use alone or in a container 

Winter Plant Protection

Burlap rollsWilt Proof Anti-Transpirant - Coats evergreen plant leaves for 3 months, provides protection from drying winter winds.

Great for rhododendrons, azaleas, holly, and more.

Weed Control

Typar landscape fabric rolls - 3’ x 50’, 4’ x 50’Landscape fabric staplesRoundup Weed Killer - concentrate and ready-to-use trigger spray

Brush-B-Gone concentrate - for tougher plants like poison ivyNatural weed killer in ready-to-use bottle

Animal Repellants

Liquid Fence - Deer and pest repellant, ready-to-use liquid, concentrate and granular formulations


Alaska fish emulsion - organic, mixes with waterGarden Tone - organic, use for vegetables, Holly Tone - organic, for acid-loving plants, and blue hydrangeas

Rose Tone - for better and longer-lasting bloomsJobe’s Tree and Shrub Spikes - Easy way to feed established plants, Miracle Gro - water soluble for frequent feeding

Osmocote slow release - for containers, hanging baskets and gardens, lasts 3 months          

Bagged Products  

Composted ManureGarden CompostComplete Planting MixTop Soil, Container MixPeat MossCedar Bark MulchCocoa Shell Mulch, Hemlock Mulch

Insect Control

Tree and Shrub Insect Control - systemic (absorbed into the plant), applied by watering can, effective for 1 year

All Seasons spray oil - safe around children and pets, controls wide range of insects on contact, Fruit Tree Spray - Combination insect and disease control

Rose 3 in 1 - ready to use spray, combination insect and disease controlSlug Magic - Safe around pets, effective after rain

Sevin - effective Japanese beetle controlHornet and Wasp Killer - ready-to-use spray, quick knock-down, Garden Safe Fruit and Vegetable Insect Spray -

organic, use up to harvest, ready to use, Garden Safe Houseplant and Garden Insect Spray - organic, ready to use spray 

Disease Control

Fruit Tree Spray - Combination insect and disease control. Copper Sulphate Fungicide - Controls many diseases on fruits and vegetables as well as shrubs

Bonomyl Turf and Ornamental Fungicide - systemic (absorbed into the plant)  general purpose fungicideRose 3 in 1 - ready to use spray, combination insect and disease control

Lime Sulfur Solution - organic, useful for fruits, Garden Fungicide  - ready to use spray, organic, Garden Disease Control (Daconil) - effective preventative fungicide           

Hummingbird Products

Instant nectarGlass Feeder, 30 oz., Glass Feeder, 8 oz. 


Plastic deck railing boxesColorful glazed pots of many sizes, Clay Pots - assorted sizes

 Etc. Etc.

Soil Moist - helps plants during dry periodsAluminum sulfate - acidifies soil, use to make hydrangea flowers blue 

 Garden Statuary and Pottery

Birdbaths - natural concrete in many styles, bright glazed pottery, US made pottery with "carved" bird and plant designs

Whimsical garden statuaryGarden stones with engraved sayings, Blown-glass gazing globes and stands, solid and irridescent colors

Garden benches, PlantersPottery planters in bright glazed colors