Exciting News! We have recently partnered with Bower & Branch to offer you online tree ordering. Bower & Branch is a program offered by Eaton Farms, a grower of quality trees. Bower & Branch offers many great trees, some of which are only available online. If you're not sure what to order, take Bower & Branch's fun survey to discover new trees that match your personality, home and needs. You can order and pay for the trees online. Then they will be delivered to us at Sprucedale Gardens for pick-up or delivery. We know you'll love the convenience of shopping for trees at home! Visit Bower & Branch by clicking here

Featured Tree: Young's Weeping Birch

"The Young's Weeping Birch gives you the look of the Weeping Willow Tree but on a smaller scale that's more in tune with modest-sized gardens. Like the Weeping Willow, this fast-growing ornamental tree is pure poetry, from the rhythmic rise and fall of its limber branches to the way the diamond-shaped leaves flutter and twirl in the wind. Its graceful habit inspires a feeling of serenity." - Bower & Branch

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